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Flooring Supplies

We sell area rug pads, small pads for chair and table legs, wood and vinyl floor cleaner, and dust mop pads.


We offer pads for area rugs. These keep the area rug from scratching the floor underneath and provide cushion to the rug. Be aware that rug padding will play an important role in the longevity and performance of your rug.  A quality rug pad can double the life of your rug.  Many types of pad are available to suit many different applications.  The biggest challenge is choosing a pad to best meet you and your rugs needs.   Avoid padding that is rubber or PVC based.  Both of these elements have been found to adhere to wood floors treated with certain types of urethanes. 

An appropriate pad will:
  • Provide a safe surface for you to walk over
  • Prevent uneven or premature wear
  • Prevent slipping, buckling & curling
  • Allow support for heavy furniture
  • Resist bonding to underlayment
  • Allow for easy & efficient vacuuming
Specific pads are designed for the following:
  • Non-skid properties
  • Washable for instances where pet accidents are likely Wunderfirm
  • Perforated to allow for radiant heat installations
  • Surface coated to prevent spills from traveling through both rug & pad
  • Installations over existing wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Installations over tile flooring